Cooks Who Feed Family

Hi, I'm Seema

I love to cook. In fact, many of my fondest memories revolve around sharing a good meal. But as much as food gives me joy, I’ve always been bothered by the number of people who go hungry and do not get to experience food the way that I do. I struggle to live in this world of feast or famine.

In 2016, I visited an NGO in India that provided paid training and fair, safe work to marginalized women. After meeting them and seeing them work so hard, I felt compelled to help in some way so that more women could have the same opportunity. ​At that point in time, I was not sure how I could be of service but I knew I could not go back to Canada and forget what I had seen.


Empowering Women

Later, in 2018, I came across an article about food waste. I learned that about 1/3 of the food produced gets thrown out. This fact struck a chord with me so I started doing a bit of research. One headline that I came across stood out amongst the rest. It stated that the amount of food we waste could feed the entire world’s hungry four times over. How could so many go hungry when so much food is just being thrown out? 


Seema Sanghavi Founder Cooks Who Feed

This was when I started connecting the dots and the idea for Cooks Who Feed was born. What better way to fight hunger than with an apron; the uniform of a cook. And now, I work directly with that NGO I visited to produce our aprons.

I never set out to create a company. I set out to create a movement that would empower foodies everywhere to fight hunger in the most socially responsible way possible.