Why You Need To Teach Your Kids How To Cook

So many young adults leave their parents' home without having basic cooking skills. Because of this, they rely a lot on fast food and frozen meals. Children need to learn how to cook.

Funny enough, most little kids love cooking and you see this in their pretend play. Why not encourage this behaviour by having them help you with the dinner prep? 

Cooking is a life skill. You need to eat to survive so teaching your child how to nourish their body is a must in order for them to be truly independent. 

To help encourage children to learn to cook, why not gift them a Cooks Who Feed apron? We're now running a crowdfunding campaign to help us fund the production of our new kids line.

Giving your child a Cooks Who Feed apron will also provide you with an opportunity to have a discussion with your child about food insecurity and food waste...and of course the importance of giving back. 

If you'd like to learn more about our child aprons, visit our crowdfunding campaign at https://igg.me/at/cookswhofeed/x#/


Here's to fighting hunger!

Seema - Founder at Cooks Who Feed

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