The Story Behind The Art Smith Apron

The Art Smith Apron is finally here! Thank you to all those who have pre-ordered. 

Well-known worldwide for being Oprah’s former personal executive chef for 10 years, Chef Art is the executive chef and co-owner of several restaurants including Blue Door Kitchen & Garden, Art Bird, Southern Art, and Homecomin’ Florida Kitchen. These four restaurants namely sparked our inspiration behind the design of the Art Smith Apron. 

If you’ve ever been to Art Bird in NYC or Homecomin’ Kitchen in Disney Springs, one thing stands out; the chicken. Chef Art’s fried chicken is known worldwide. So guess what we decided to add to his apron? You guessed it! Embroidered on the chest pocket is a chicken, paying homage to Chef Art’s southern fried speciality. 

The apron’s base colour, light grey, comes from the restaurant Southern Art, while the dark grey straps are from Homecomin’ Kitchen. Lastly, blue thread was used for stitching accents on all pockets. This blue came from Blue Door Kitchen & Garden – a farm-to-table oasis in the heart of Chicago’s Gold Coast.

Interested in ordering? In addition to the 100 meals, the Art Smith Apron will provide a little bit extra. For every Art Smith Apron sold, $5 will be donated to Common Threads, a charity co-founded by Chef Art to provide economically disadvantaged children free cooking and nutrition lessons.

So, what’s not to love? Check out the Art Smith Apron here and order soon as inventory is limited! 

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