The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Hey Fellow Food Lover, 

This week, I have some good news, some not-so-good news and some bad news. 

Let's start with the good...


Happy Mothers Day

Mothers Day is just around the corner. If you're still looking for that perfect gift for mom, check out our aprons. 

All our apron are made by mommas so by purchasing an apron you're giving a gift that gives back to yours, while at the same time supporting other moms. 

I made your apron


The Bad

The Indian government has extended the country's lockdown by another week. For us, this means our production is still on pause. 

We're hoping things improve in India soon so our apron artisans can get back to work and their lives can resume.


The Ugly News

Although we're anxiously waiting for the Indian lockdown to end, things are not looking good. 

India reported a record 401,993 new coronavirus cases on Saturday. The country's hospitals, morgues and crematoriums have been overwhelmed as the country has reported more than 300,000 daily cases for more than 10 days straight. 

How Can You Help? 


This U.S.-based charity is collecting disaster relief funds and partnering with local charities like Save the Children India, Goonj, and more to provide help in the form of cooked meals and cash for marginalized families. Donate here.

A volunteer team of tech CEOs from Canada and the U.S. have come together to raise money for oxygen concentrators to send to India. Donate here.


Here's to fighting hunger!
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